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Sketchwork: Siberian Husky by Celestial-Core Sketchwork: Siberian Husky :iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 2 0 Unravel by Celestial-Core Unravel :iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 2 0 Fog bound by Celestial-Core Fog bound :iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 1 17
Shimmer of Lights, Sheets of Steel
City sounds resonate, until utter silence...
In what's not there
That now remains in the air
Residing in the soul
In confronting the harrowing woe...
Flowers set in beauty cherished, in brevity of those perished...
Among each of us affected
To a society that was reckoned
Beckoning of the bell to quell the horror sown
Lowering flags as our tradition has shown...
Holding to gifts, that are now mementos...
For it remains in us as people to grieve
And is taken by you that we do proceed
To make it known the tragedy is in regret
May never return as each year resets...
Touching etched names and rusted frames...
We stay silent for the memories that came
But move on for change to be made
We walk out through the old hearth
To look at the sliver rays peaking forth...
In the shimmering lights upon sheets of steel...
we live on each day holding onto that seal
That we will never forget, and never let be
keeping an enduring hope, out from the tragedy...
:iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 1 0
A Blank Introduction by Celestial-Core A Blank Introduction :iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 1 0
Tranquil Twilight
At the eve of twilight, our trip would begin;
And I was certainly nervous for the ride
I drove down the road, with a constant fear
Knowing this trip would just be her and I
And soon that the time, would ever draw near
Ever so slight, I would look at her;
As we went up our special trail
She was beautiful, beyond simply looks I sought
But that brought me to think what if I fail
The event that I had so longed, all be for nought
From fear as it might, panic would arise;
Yet I knew I couldn't let it bring me to quiver
For tonight I would ask... if she will be my bride
But in a feat I so thoroughly wanted to deliver
There was fleeting hope... on what you would decide
Yet even with that fright, we would continue our trip;
Once we unpacked we set out for the mountain peak
But once it was reached, my heart began to race
For I knew now I that I had to speak
Showing my emotions, without anything to brace
When the time felt right, I held onto her hands;
And when our eyes connected I felt as if in
:iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 0 0
A Moment for Us
The breaching of the sky and clouds alike
Does the day begin and the clock strike
Each moment passes with little energy to break through the veil
To get up and get ready as something we know all too well
And we start the day with a stretch and routine yawn
Our lackluster process initiates through the dawn
Off you go with our cycles continuing ever out of sync
With the pressures of the job, issues, and bills seeking to sever our link
It's in these times, memories of young lovers I would often chase
To interact and engage as we used to in such tender embrace...
But those times are gone now, as our labors constantly strain
As it bring about a frustration to which our feelings seem feign
Yet, there are those brief moments where we take the time for ourselves
Where a simple atmosphere and a glinted gaze leaves out nothing else
And in that time where our moments coincide
To those young passionate days that would reside
Soon our emotions begin to give way
And old embrace and passion return fr
:iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 0 0
To a Father
As with any children, we are seeds
To be planted into the ground and buried underneath
Nurtured and secured by you to quell our needs
As we are sheltered in the soil beneath
Those times were often cherished, as with any young child
Moments to laugh often and play
Creating little adventures, only to go wild
We would follow you every which way
But as the nights calmed, and Spring went
I had experienced a world so completely new
Excited to learn, I was ready for all that it sent
As in that time I was in fruition without you
At adolescence, to all of which that coincide
I grew past you and reached the sky
And that joy I had, and would often preside
I was losing it with you and couldn't see why
But it was in Autumn, was when things truly grew far apart
As pent up anger and arguments were always in view
And with reason enough, these issues would bring me to depart
And I aptly went off on my own in a different hue
I was stifled in the situation, that was my purview
As I sensed that it was tim
:iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 1 0
An Ode to Mothers
Mothers who are young, Mothers of the old
To all of whom, I present this ode
This may be subtle at best, for little it abodes
To a mother's crest, their magnificent soul
Mothers are those who nurture their own nest
Who give all that they are and take no rest
To holding closely their child to smother
Or the writhing choice to give them to another
It is from mothers that we are here
Who delivered our history and helped us heal
The unsung heroes of every great event
Seeking only the joy of their child as to be content
As a mother, they are the ones who cherish life
Who bears the child and handles the strife
To bless their children to reach out for more
For them to sail beyond that open shore
In all mothers, does progress unfold
Who challenges structures since times of old
That birth lords to rule and women to lead
All of which humbled as the mother's seed
By our mothers do we aspire to hope
Who give comfort beyond common tropes
Seeing our worst and feeling it even more
Only to give encour
:iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 0 0
To an Old Friend
To my fellow friend in times of old
Whom's actions have been ever so bold
From then I admired the passion of your heart
That now inspires me to finally do my part.
Shy am I to seek out and latch
Sly were you in the meeting of your match
In your words alone, you open within your gates
Vulnerability, Something of which I have yet to put at stakes.
You brilliantly express her beauty in magnificent favor
And often times I cannot fathom how you could savor
For we live in different worlds with percepts of delight
And this divide cautions me from any given respite.
No longer does romance play center stage
As commitment is an act consealed to a cage
As the endeavor of love is risky in this time
And for some the appeals to it have been allotted a crime.
With then and now, the rules have changed
And often I think it be better to simply disengage
As these thoughts often coincide in my fears, hence,
Why should I rely on the value of your two cents?
With how I can be the person to take another on a
:iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 1 0
Journey by Celestial-Core Journey :iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 1 0
Making Amends
Here I was, staring down the same gate I avoided to ever see again,
To look forward and take each step drawing forth those traumatic memories,
Our constant arguing, the pithy remarks, and the constant neglect of our problems for our own desires
If nothing else I should have taken my trip back home on these things alone... And yet...
Here I was, staring down the gateway to a beautiful new start,
Looking onward and fully believing in every step to push through moments of tribulation,
To understand one another, to express our promises, and to face our issues by seeking what we aspire
If anything I would have given up the world just to come home each day to spend with you... And yet...
In all this I could only reminisce my own feeling throughout the years,
I made my mistakes unto you, and I have given you far more pain than you should ever bare
For me to leave you, in the heat of the moment; in the words that were shed, and... the actions committed
I deserve nothing but your resentment, yo
:iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 0 0
Reflections and Resolutions by Celestial-Core Reflections and Resolutions :iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 2 0 Caliber by Celestial-Core Caliber :iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 2 0
There Just Wasn't Enough
There wasn't enough
Courage to speak
For I knew what came to be
And bringing them to meet their daughter
Was a person I couldn't bring myself to see
There wasn't enough
In that casket
There where her fragments lay
According to what was there
Only the necklace glimmered in vain
There wasn't enough
To be said about her
The women I spent half my life with
As I held on to so few moments
My beloved memories began to shift
There wasn't enough
To acclaim about her
For so much was missing before it began
My children wept for a mother and I a wife
That was proven wrong time and again
There wasn't enough
You could say about her
For nothing about her seemed true
As the funeral was barren of recognizable people
To which I could certainly have been one too
But there wasn't enough
Of the person I gave my vows
to who I have a family today
I came to be a piece of her puzzle
And in her sight I fell to the fray
There just wasn't enough
Of the love she had for me
Even with all my love for her to claim
:iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 1 3
Sigmus by Celestial-Core Sigmus :iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 2 0


Celestial-Core's Profile Picture
Kievan Menapace
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Why hello,

Welcome to my little place on the internet. My name is Kievan Menapace, or Core I guess, since that would be much easier. If it wasn't apparent already, I'm a bit offbeat when it comes to conversating; so... there isn't much to say about me as a person other than what I seek to with my art. I aspire to create pieces that can be meaningful to someone out there, whether to show some sympathy, a little appreciation, or to bring about some kind of understanding. Although it will be quite the venture to get to where I want to be with my art, I'm taking it as a journey; one step at a time. So until the next time I post something, I hope you're doing well and striving for better.

In all sincerity, thank you for your time.
(Is that a lame? It really doesn’t sound right... at first it seemed clever but

Hello everyone or anyone for that matter,
Have things have been nice, enjoyed Valentine’s Day with a significant other or simply sharing the love to those around you. Either way, I hope you are all doing well. I just wanted to keep to my word about doing this activity post. It will be just a marker and a reminder for what I’ve been doing and what I have planned until the next one. Although I told myself that this would encourage me to post more... That didn’t seem to happen... Sorry about that. The holiday brought the good and the bad (tragic even) but I’m moving on, I just lost a bit of momentum. I have some stocked and I’ll get to posting them periodically to add to it consistently. So now with that the rest of this I’ll split up into projects, and some casual details about my life for now. Since it’s the first we’ll see where it goes from there:

So I had set out a large list of possible choices for projects of each month to complete, and I’ve finished none of them. With studying for tests though, I knew I had to keep my priorities in order. However, I do need recognize that having these choices isn’t as liberating as I thought it was, nor productive. I know I have to just make a decisive decision and follow through (which would have really been helpful if I remembered that a week prior). I’ll be narrowing my focus into these three things specifically (I have no idea how to title them):

Transition into digital; I have been working more and more with my tablet and sketch apps to practice and improve with digital. There still is that learning curve and I still haven’t worked out all of the buttons, but I’m getting to a similar point of my traditional art (comfortable but not complacent). I’ll start presenting some cohesive pieces soon enough.

Starting a comic; this has been a real interest for me for a while back when I discovered indie web comics. With compelling plots, deeply driven characters, and unique styles to each one, it combined two of my favorite hobbies into one. Now with all the stories and ideas I have, I have narrowed down my choices between two. Which ever I decide on, I am write out its script with a set beginning and end, as I want to keep my first comic condensed just to progress from there. Not sure about the first page being posted but I’ll most likely have my choice and developing it by the next update.

Start Animating; this is almost in the same strain but just about a year or so ago. With discovering animators, animatics (as of yet the occasional memes), I was just as invested as I was with comics. Doing this however, would be a cohesion of all my hobbies: from writing, art, music, film, and perhaps some programming in there, and that would be a process no doubt. Yet animation is a process like any other to develop overtime, and it seems that the community around it is quite understanding of that (or so it seems). So I’m willing to give it a shot. How long it might take will be questionable (there is definitely things I need to find out) but considering I started the channel and have been working on a proper intro video for... 6 months... *sigh*... it will be finished sometime in the coming months.

As I said before, the week came with some good and some bad. It was an test week and there is not much to really say except that I’m reevaluating my life choices (which isn’t uncommon for me lately). I’m pressing on regardless, though a bit disoriented. I’m buckling down on my courses more than before, and this obviously comes at a cost of my projects. I have a schedule I’m trying to adhere to but my problem is more over me getting frustrated and overwhelmed by things than anything else (except procrastinating... that’s up there too). Considering that I set up a whole group of projects and goals the last time and haven’t resulted in anything, I am going to wind back a bit. I’m going to prioritize, organize, calm down, and just focus on the important aspects. So we’ll see if those actions will bring some kind of accomplishment. For all of these projects (and just life in general) I just have to fight my paralyzing self doubt. I’ve been I’ve been so caught up in this shell and I’m getting fed up with it. That’s partially why I wanted take on these endeavors; to finally start make some initiative in breaking that mold. For once I’m making some decisions, taking some risk, and giving it what I all I got to finally start pursuing something that I might be passionate about.

I said I would keep this brief but here I go again. Anyways thank you for your time, and maybe I’ll see (or lecture as it seems) you later.

in all sincerity, have a wonderful day.



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