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Farewell...  by Celestial-Core Farewell... :iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 6 3 Quaint Winds by Celestial-Core Quaint Winds :iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 3 0
I was killed a long time ago
I was killed a long time ago
But the words that were used are not as we know
Not by murder, stroke, or case of suicide
Nor by disease, poison, or even genocide
Yet it has claimed many victims that is assured
And those who survived are crippled yet not injured
Those that live, live in struggle and strife
Engaged by ghosts that would so yearn to take their life
But they can't as the rule would suggest
For they’re in the midst of such a purgatory or limbo, yet I digress...
Might you know ahead of time
The event of which many of us have been blind
To which I have come to continue in a softened chime
Growing up; losing the innocence which has fled from mind
:iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 1 0
Internet Anchor
I am set on the surface of the water
And perhaps I shouldn’t let myself squander
As in today beautiful yet harsh light 
My intentions are in the ocean's delight 
So I take up my word and descend with the anchor
To see what truth belies its rancor
With the wake of the surface
To which the waters seem to embrace
My eyes squinting 
And truth be told
What revealed my tiny significance 
to be humbled by the ocean’s magnificence
To my eyes, they sting, as I would behold
With the schools urging, for me to see their humble abode
Where the spectrum of color is in the Vital
Indeed would deserve and artistic laurel
And in which the fish similarly perchance
My own life could mirror in happenstance
But in due time I say my goodbye
To fish who curiously caught my eye
As the society builds along individuality, to which I find such grace
I delve deeper from that commonality, to aspire what else there is to face
The waters were vast, with so few fish in sight
Those who w
:iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 1 0
As is Failure
To those who may be mistaken
Failure is not something for the forsaken
You speak of something else which has no master
Something which is in terms with disaster
So fear not, no matter the magnitude of the trial
Failure is an option, that will sadly hold you 
But those who know failure might see an older brother
Soon enough see a strict, yet benevolent mother
Punishment, embarrassment, and pain you’ll endure
But you’ll live, and you’ll learn, as that's what it's for
For failure brings you out of the habitual
Pushing you to be a true individual
So as I go on to say
Before you go out into the fray
Disaster is where ends just so happen to meet
But failure is an art to learn from your defeat
:iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 1 0
Solemn Look by Celestial-Core Solemn Look :iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 1 17
In our time of growth in respect and hope,
we find ourselves among the same trope.
To love another or to accept a life,
that binds us close in times of strife.
Though the deserts and valley lows
we lie broken battered and cry out in moans.
We find this deep, entrancing concept in mind.
Something from somewhere that is not of our kind.
The desperation of fear and the paranoia that glares,
the idea that we will not go anywhere.
So that leaves us here deep in the abyss.
And all of our reason seems to subsist.
To the pendulum which swings only to insist.
To sway one way is the victim to death,
to sway another to despise yourself.
The pendulum delivers two choices to go,
neither dichonomic or beneficial to those;
the people that we see never in dread,
the people who care for their homestead.
And now you step one after another,
for you have submitted to what befalls the others.
Those chained down without no brothers.
Who were accounted insane taken by their mothers.
That is all of which they
:iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 1 0
Royal Waltz by Celestial-Core Royal Waltz :iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 3 0 At the break of dawn by Celestial-Core At the break of dawn :iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 1 0 Lion-Man? by Celestial-Core Lion-Man? :iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 2 3 Wolf-Woman? by Celestial-Core Wolf-Woman? :iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 3 0 Spawk by Celestial-Core Spawk :iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 3 3 The Roost by Celestial-Core The Roost :iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 5 6 Quiet Breeze by Celestial-Core Quiet Breeze :iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 3 0
As you are on your own,
have comfort of those that remind you of home.
That of which endures along with you; no matter the trials that contest.
You cherish this more than others; for it is what drives you to progress.
No matter the belief, no matter the virtue,
this is part of what makes you, you.
And on your journey through life's testaments and trials.
Those things that may try to defile.
You may feel as if alone,
grieving in front of a king's throne.
But breathe and take rest,
and truly see from this test.
You may be on your own,
but know that beyond sight what you hone.
Those pieces and fragments from time repressed,
begin to shine and start to express.
As that which you value carries more truth,
than the lies behind a sickled tooth.
So rampart through the darkened hue,
and continue forth into the blue.
Hold true to that which you devote yourself to,
until the end it will remain right there with you.
:iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 0 0
Absent Daydream by Celestial-Core Absent Daydream :iconcelestial-core:Celestial-Core 2 53


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Kievan Menapace
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Why hello there,

I'm Core, or Kievan if you prefer (not sure why you would though), and welcome to my humble abode on the internet. I'm just one of many fellow artists on this site seeking to improve or inspire something meaningful through art. Beyond that, there isn't much to say myself: I guess I tend to be a deep, unconfident, and sentimental person (often to a fault at times). I’m awful at expressing myself, so I'm a bit offbeat when it comes to socializing with others (but I’m always trying to improve). Taking the time out of your day to read this far is truly appreciated, and any other support you have as I proceed on this artistic journey has my sincerest gratitude. Until next time, I hope you are doing well and striving for better.

In all sincerity, thank you for your time.
Hey Everyone,

It’s been a moment, but I’m finally through my second year of college now! This will just be a brief update to just say that I’ll finally be proceeding with posts again in the last months before heading off to university. Although that will be my main priority for the summer, I hope to have some of these other milestones to reach over for the season:

A. Have at least a post a week schedule (hopefully two a week)

B. Find a secondary source of income (looking for an extra summer job and hopefully begin setting up commissions)

C. Finish my first animation video finally (its closing in to a year!)

D. Present my first comic pages (probably one or the other regarding my video)

E. Properly get into a writing habit (I’m thinking of doing a short story collection)

F. Clean myself up and get my act together over the summer (got to shape up as I prepare to go out on my own)

G. And discover and learn new skills (taking some lessons to just improve my knowledge and capabilities in things I’ve been really interested in understanding)

I expect, at the very least, to get half of these done, but these are just some side quests you could say. Overall, just having the discipline to gradually progress with what I want to achieve over the summer would be best, but I’ll just have to wait and see how it will go. Thank you all for your time, and hopefully you’ll be seeing more new and different works from me soon enough.

In all sincerity, have a wonderful summer.



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